Wednesday, February 3, 2010

NV officials propose sending "feral" wild horses to auction

Nevada is home to many of our country's last free roaming wild horses. Despite the current economic slump, this is a state where tourism has flourished causing development to sprawl. In one such case, wild horses; native to the lands have been labeled feral by the NV Dept of Ag. The labeling in NV enables officials to round up these horses and send them to auction with no protection from the slaughter pipeline. Neighboring communities are lacking fences that should have been built when the area was developed. Cattle in the area seem to be contained and managed, yet officials have not been willing to step up and take responsibility for the protection of these horses. Much like the wild horses under the charge of the BLM and the Forest Service, these horses are guilty of not paying heed to the road signs that mark the invisible boundaries. America is in an uproar over the removal of thousands of wild horses across the west by the BLM; now comes the Dept of Ag. Will enough Americans rise up to challenge these atrocities?

One solution to save these so called "feral" wild horses is to raise funds for fencing; an expense that should have been covered with funds received by the local government during the development of the area. In the meantime, exposure and support is imperative for the sake protecting these wild horses.

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