Monday, February 1, 2010

Feb 1st Update from AAHS- USA

Dear Friends,
As many of you already know, the Judiciary sub-committee hearing on HR503 for Feb 2. 2010 has been postponed. We will keep you posted on when the hearing will be rescheduled.

In staying the course, please find the enclosed Ad which is the third in a series representing our new public awareness campaign, Man's Best Friend Campaigns To End Horse Slaughter.
We need your help to create huge impact and achieve success for this campaign.

Please help us post this on every social networking media that is available to us on the internet. Share with your family, friends and co-workers.
If you cannot view the image below, you can also click on the following link to copy the image.
(html code for websites and other media can also be copied from this location.)

Thank you in advance for being a huge part of this campaign and making a difference for our horses.

Americans Against Horse Slaughter

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