Tuesday, July 19, 2011

BLM can roundup 1,700 mustangs in Nevada after appeals court lifts injunction

BLM can roundup 1,700 mustangs in Nevada after appeals court lifts injunction



RENO, NV (July 19, 2011) — The U.S. Bureau of Land Management was given the green light on Tuesday to move ahead with a controversial horse roundup in Nevada when a federal appeals court lifted a temporary injunction blocking the gather of more than 1,700 mustangs.
An animal rights group, the Colorado-based Cloud Foundation, had sued to stop the roundup. A three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in San Francisco said the group had failed to show it likely could prove during future hearings that the roundup is illegal and that removal of horses from federally protected public rangeland would cause irreparable harm.
Critics said another disappointing loss in federal court suggested Congress may have to pass a new law to protect the mustangs because the Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burros Act of 1971 doesn’t seem to be enforceable.
“We need a new law,” said Rachel Fazio, a lawyer for the Cloud Foundation who had won the temporary restraining order from a judge on the appellate court based on claims the proposed roundup was illegal.
“I think we really need to establish the fact that these animals need to be protected, need to be maintained unmolested by man. And that we mean it this time,” she told The Associated Press.
BLM spokeswoman Heather Emmons said the roundup that had been scheduled to begin last week would start on Wednesday in northeast Nevada near the Utah line — weather permitting — and continue for about six weeks.
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Friday, July 15, 2011

Federal appeals judge halts NV wild-horse roundup

Federal appeals judge halts NV wild-horse roundup
MARTIN GRIFFITH, Associated Press
Updated 11:57 p.m., Friday, July 15, 2011

RENO, Nev. (AP) — A federal appeals judge on Friday night granted a temporary injunction to halt a government roundup of about 1,700 wild horses from the range in Nevada.
Judge Richard Paez of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals issued the order after U.S. District Judge Howard McKibben earlier in the day denied a motion to stop the federal Bureau of Land Management's removal of mustangs from public lands near the Utah line.

Paez's order will remain in effect until a three-judge panel (continued)

America's Wild Horses Under Siege - Judge Rules Against Protection of Triple B Wild Horses

For Immediate Release
Los Angeles, CA
July 15, 2011, 7PM PST
Wild for Life Foundation
Compassionate Animal TV
America's Wild Horses Under Siege

Wild for Life Foundation is deeply concerned for the welfare of the Triple B Wild Horses. Despite a lawsuit filed by wild horse advocates to protect the horses from cruel removal, BLM's planned round up and removal of at least 1,726 wild horses from 1,682,998 acres herd management areas (HMAs) in eastern Nevada will go forward.U.S. District Court Judge Howard McKibben issued a decision in favor of the BLM which  allows the BLM to proceed with the Triple B round up to remove wild horses beginning on Saturday, July 16.

There are 975 acres per wild horse is this HMA; yet BLM claims that the wild horse population is five times over the minimum appropriate management level.  Horses will be stampeded by helicopter chases in deathly high summer temperatures. Many mares are pregnant and will most likely be unable to keep up the pace for the long distance stampede. Many foals have died in the process of previous round ups because their hooves fall off while trying to keep up with their mothers. 1000's of horses have died after being rounded up and placed in BLM holding facilities.

The BLM blames wild horses for poor range conditions where the land is actually overgrazed by cattle.

Link to Press release by BLM:

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

WFLF Launches New PSA to Raise Support for Lifesaving Equine Protection

Wild for Life Foundation launches new PSA to help raise support for  lifesaving equine protection.

Click here to see this important message now:


Thank you for taking the time to see the important message and please share it with others and help us get the word out.


Lifetime Equine Refuge is the lifesaving equine protection program under Wild for Life Foundation (WFLF), a CA 501 (c)(3) volunteer based charity dedicated to saving, protecting and preserving horses in need. Our educational program is dedicated to raising awareness about the equine welfare issues with a focus on the preservation of America's wild horses and the need for protection of all horses from slaughter. WFLF's award winning documentary, "Saving America's Horses" is the 1st and only feature length educational film resource with a focus on protecting both wild and domestic equines.

Lifetime Equine Refuge rescues horses in need and provides them with medical care, food and love. Our rehabilitation and sanctuary program, Garden of Equine provides permanent residency for horses that cannot be re-homed. Visitors benefit from a hands on learning and healing experience. WFLF's equine programs provide social guidance and education about the need for compassionate and humane treatment of all horses and burros.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lawsuit Filed to Challenge Triple B Roundup

Animal Law Coalition
A lawsuit has been filed to try to stop BLM's planned round up and removal of at least 1,726 wild horses from 1,682,998 acres of the Triple B, Maverick Medicine and Antelope Valley herd management areas (HMAs) in eastern Nevada.

wild horsesPlaintiff The Cloud Foundation describes, "The wild horses of the Triple B, Maverick Medicine and Antelope Valley HMAs are free-roaming on the remote high desert mountains and valleys of east central and northeast Nevada--north of Ely, south of Elko on the Utah border. They have been characterized as a diverse, colorful, intermingling herd with some possessing old mustang origins. Many wild horses descend from an old Shoshone Indian herd known for pintos and paints, as well as a number of medicine hats, horses sacred to Native Americans".
Only 472 horses would remain after the Triple B roundup, and the mares would all be treated with an immunocontraceptive drug, PZP, to prevent pregnancy for up to 2 years.  This would leave an unnatural sex ratio of 60% male.
46,000 cows and sheep would be allowed to remain to graze.

According to the Bureau of Land Management, the 1,726 wild horses, with about 975 acres per horse, are destroying the range. But apparently 46,000 cows and sheep are having no effect at all on the condition of the range or water. The BLM refused even to consider the effect of so many cows and sheep on the range, let alone reducing their numbers.

As the Complaint filed by Plaintiffs The Cloud Foundation, Craig Downer and Lorna Moffat explains, "Those that are not re-released (about 1,700) would be transported by big rig trucks to long term holding facilities in the Midwest of the United States, where they would live out their lives in confined, zoo-like conditions, separated by sex or sterilized, wild and free-roaming no more.
"Family members would be permanently separated-stallions and mares from each other, and mares and stallions from their foals. Long-term family bonds would be forever severed.  Incarcerated in long-term holding facilities in the Midwest, stallions would be gelded, mares would typically be separated from the gelded stallions, and the acres per wild horse in these fenced facilities would be only a tiny fraction of what it is in their natural homeland in the HMA."

The BLM is required to justify its brutal roundups and removal of wild horses and burros from the range in Environmental Assessments called EAs. Under the National Environmental Policy Act, "whether by Environmental Impact Statement or Environmental Assessment, the agency must ‘study, develop, and describe appropriate alternatives to recommended courses of action in any proposal...'" 42 U.S.C. §4332(E). The implementing regulations provide that this consideration of all reasonable alternatives is "the heart of" the environmental analysis. 40 CFR §1502.14.

EAs when issued in cases recommending roundups of wild horses and burros are typically cookie cutter reports go something like this: The few wild horses and burros, as in this case, are causing degradation of the range and water sources; the range cannot support the horses and most or all are "excess" which must be removed.

Typically, these EAs fail to mention the numbers of livestock that are more likely the culprit of any range degradation or lack of water. There are any number of cases where the evidence establishes that, in fact, the range can support the few wild horses that under the Wild Free Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971, 16 U.S.C. §§1331 et seq., are supposed to be protected from "capture", "harassment" and "death" and managed at "the minimal feasible level". Only "excess" horses, those that represent an overpopulation, can be removed. The goal is to maintain a "thriving ecological balance".

In this case the Decision Record ("DR"), Finding of No Significant Impact ("FONSI"), and Final EA ("FEA") were issued on May 17, 2011. True to form, BLM claims the few horses are degrading the range. As the plaintiffs' point out, "the BLM [fails to] explain how any noncompliance with land standards ...is not primarily the result of livestock grazing, which is about eight times higher and more intensive than grazing from wild horses". Complaint, par. 36.

The roundup was to have begun by now but the BLM delayed it pending a July 14, 2011 hearing before the Nevada federal District Court on the plaintiffs' motion for a preliminary injunction to stop the roundup and removal.   
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Friday, July 1, 2011

Defending Their Freedom and Saving Their Lives

Dear Friends,

The nation’s anniversary is once again upon us; a time to celebrate and a time to reflect. We hope that you'll take a moment to remember America’s horses for whom America's freedom may not have been possible.

The freedom of America’s wild horses from a life of torment and cruelty may only come through a violent and barbaric death. Right now, thousands of America’s horses—including show horses, racehorses, wild horses, companion horses, and others—are suffering on U.S. soil; hundreds of wild horses stampeded down lava fields by helicopter, all breeds stockpiled into feedlots, and crammed into double-deck cattle trailers for days on end, in record high temperatures without water, food or rest. Their days are spent in agony and some won’t even survive this final journey as they cross federal borders to be butchered alive for wealthy dinner plates abroad.

Even if you've already pledged to stop the round ups and ban the slaughter, these animals need your help today. Please support WFLF's work to put an end to the horse slaughter trade and our work to preserve and protect wild horses right now.

Horses have helped to bring freedom to the people of this country. Please help us stand up for America’s wild horses who are brutality removed from their rightful range lands using tax payer dollars. Help us put an end to the barbaric slaughter of America’s horses for human consumption. Polls show that over 70% of the American people who know what’s happening to them are against these activities.

“Saving America’s Horses”, a cause driven film just started the festival circuit, and has already won multiple awards including BEST OF FESTIVAL at its first showing in Los Angeles and is getting rave reviews but… the slaughter of our American Horses may never end unless our horses are able to tell their story.

Wild for Life Foundation is dedicated to saving, protecting and preserving these majestic animals who are being abused and killed against the wishes of the American people. Thousands of horses are exported every year to Canada and Mexico to be slaughtered for their meat, but "Saving America's Horses" is the life saving film that can change all that for our American horses. Horses been there for us when we needed them most and it’s time for Americans that care about these animals to help in Defending Their Freedom and Saving Their Lives.

Help us help them with the promise of freedom for our American horses. Your gift today will support these and all our efforts to end equine suffering and abuse. 

Thank you for all that you do toward raising compassion for these and all animals. Our successful work would not be possible without the benevolence of people like you.

Warmest regards,
Katia Louise 
Wild for Life Foundation
Saving America’s Horses

BTW, Please remember to help these horses and burros who are suffering all over the country this 4th of July, especially those being killed in the brutal slaughter pipeline. Please help us tell the world that America’s horses are not food by donating online right now!