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Following is a message from long time horse advocate, Gail Vacca in Illinois.  This hearing on HB 4812 is scheduled for February 23.  Gail will be there to testify against the bill with other long-time members of their IL anti-slaughter team.
Please take action to help our friends in IL

The horse slaughter plants and their meat industry allies are at it again. Illinois State Representative Jim Sacia has introduced a bill (HB 4812) that would repeal the 2007 Illinois ban on horse slaughter, which if passed, would ultimately allow Cavel to resume slaughtering horses in DeKalb , IL .

In what is perhaps even more disturbing, Rep. Sacia has also offered a clause to HB 4812 that calls for a fee of $25 to be charged to the slaughterhouse for each horse slaughtered. This money would then be placed into a fund for eventual distribution to equine rescues for use in expanding their operations or providing care to rescued horses.

The ILEHC finds this clause to be particularly repulsive and we want our members and supporters to know that we would never accept a single penny of the proposed blood money. The ILEHC has joined with several other Illinois-based equine rescue organizations to issue a joint letter to the Illinois General Assembly (ILGA) stating our opposition to HB 4812. We have also distributed a joint press release to multiple Illinois media outlets.

How can you help?
We need each of you to call, fax, and email each member of the House Committee on Agriculture. Please make sure to write "Vote NO on HB 4812" in the subject line of your emails and faxes.
House Agriculture Committee Member Contact Information       http://www.ilga.gov/house/committees/members.asp?CommitteeID=626&GA=96

Representative Brandon W. Phelps (D) - Chairperson
(217) 782-5131
(217) 557-0521 FAX
Email: bphelps@yourclearwave.com

Representative Patrick J. Verschoore (D) - Vice-Chairperson
(217) 782-5970
(217) 558-1253 FAX
Email: pverschoore@qconline.com
Representative Jim Sacia (R) - Republican Spokesperson
(217) 782-8186
(217) 558-7016 FAX
Email: JimSacia@aeroinc.net

Representative John D. Cavaletto (R)
(217) 782-0066
(217) 782-1336 FAX

Representative Shane Cultra (R)
(217) 558-1039
(217) 558-3481 FAX
Email: cultrash@ilga.gov

Representative Lisa M. Dugan (D)
(217) 782-5981
(217) 558-4553 FAX
Email: duganlm@ilga.gov
Representative Robert F. Flider (D)
(217) 782-8398
(217) 782-2528 FAX
Email: bobflider@repflider.com
Representative Mary E. Flowers (D)
(217) 782-4207
(217) 782-1130 FAX
Email: flowersme@ilga.gov

Representative Julie Hamos (D)
(217) 782-8052
(217) 557-7204 FAX
Email: julie@staterephamos.org
Representative Donald L. Moffitt (R)
(217) 782-8032
(217) 557-0179 FAX
Email: moffitt@grics.net

Representative Richard P. Myers (R)
(217) 782-0416
(217) 782-5257 FAX
Email: repmyers@macomb.com
Representative David Reis (R)
(217) 782-2087
(217) 557-0530 FAX
Email: david@davidreis.org
Representative Dan Reitz (D)
(217) 782-1018
(217) 782-0945 FAX
Email: repreitz@egyptian.net
Americans Against Horse Slaughter

Learn more about the IL Bill HERE 

Helpful Info from AWI:
Every year since the Illinois General Assembly overwhelmingly passed a bill banning horse slaughter in the State, Rep. Sacia has attempted to overturn this responsible legislation and reestablish an industry well known for its widespread abuse of equines. We are at a loss to explain his support of this abusive industry or his persistence in advocating for it.
  It is unfortunate that the Illinois General Assembly and individuals from Illinois and around the country must continue dealing with this issue year after year, but we must remain vigilant against any and all attempts to overturn the 2007 ban on horse slaughter. It is a shame that our limited resources must be used to repeatedly engage in this fight, rather than expend the resources further protecting horses.

If your representative is on the Committee, please call her/him immediately in opposition to HB 4812. To find contact information for Agriculture & Conservation Committee members, visit http://capwiz.com/compassionindex/utr/1/DRTDMAWOZV/JYFXMAWPMX/4677968996 or see below.

If your representative is not on this Committee, please take a minute to call or email her/him in opposition to HB 4812 as soon as possible. Visit http://capwiz.com/compassionindex/utr/1/DRTDMAWOZV/NBQUMAWPMY/4677968996 to find your legislator and her/his contact information. For more information on horse slaughter you may visit http://capwiz.com/compassionindex/utr/1/DRTDMAWOZV/CVGRMAWPMZ/4677968996.

For your convenience, below is a list of talking points to aid in placing calls and drafting emails. Again, please take action for the horses today. They are counting on us!!

Talking Points:
  • Strongly oppose HB 4812 because horse slaughter is a cruel and unnecessary practice.
  • The Illinois General Assembly banned horse slaughter by an overwhelming majority in 2007, and Rep. Sacia’s bill, HB 4812, must be rejected. There is no evidence to support Rep. Sacia’s claims that the slaughterhouse closure has led to an increase in horse abandonment or abuse. Horse slaughter itself is abuse.
  • Ending horse slaughter stopped an overt form of animal cruelty and has only been good for the horses. The state ban is important.
  • The animal welfare community, equine rescues and the majority of Illinois residents DO NOT support the overturning of this ban no matter what Rep. Sacia may claim.
  • If Rep. Sacia actually cared about the welfare of horses he would support the federal ban on horse slaughter which would stop the export of horses from the U.S.
Please ask your representative to urge Rep. Sacia to discontinue his attempts to overturn the horse slaughter bill. Your representative should also urge Rep. Sacia to support the federal bill, Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act (H.R. 503/S.727), in order to truly advance the welfare of equines in Illinois if he is truly concerned with the welfare of our horses. H.R. 503/S.727 ensures horses from Illinois and all over the U.S. will no longer be hauled to Canada or Mexico for slaughter.

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