Sunday, February 7, 2010

BLM Postpones Eagle HMA Round Up

Sunday, Feb 7, 2010
Wild for Life Foundation

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) now shows caution regarding the proposed Eagle HMA roundup, as it could cause imminent harm to wild horses during  foaling season.

The recent Calico roundup was one of the most widely publicized BLM assaults on the wild horse population.  Pro horse advocates recently discovered over 25 deaths due to the BLM chasing pregnant mares across miles of various terrains and away from their legal herd areas.  Evidence indicates that the hoofs were run off the legs of several foals during this round up. WFLF questions the sincerity of the BLM's sudden recognition of foaling season, especially since the BLM showed no concern for the best interest of these wild horses during past round ups. If the BLM goes forward with the Eagle roundup after what they call foaling season, it could be scheduled during extreme summer temperatures; furthermore the new born foals would be placed in imminent harm and risk of death. So just when would be a good time for the BLM to remove wild horses from their rightful range lands?

BLM states that they will conduct further environmental studies and allow public comment prior removing any wild horses from the Eagle HMA. On December 28, 2009, the BLM issued a preliminary environmental assessment (EA) proposing to roundup what they call "excess" wild horses from the Eagle HMA during the month of February 2010. More than 9,000 public comments were submitted following a 30-day comment period.

The preliminary EA also included a proposal to remove approximately 50 wild horses that have migrated away from the Eagle and Silver King HMA. BLM states that these horses are threatening the safety of motorists along U.S. Highway 93 near Pioche, Nev. The BLM states that three "animals" have been hit by vehicles during the past year along HWY 93, but the BLM did not clarify as to what species these animals were. BLM is currently planning to remove these 50 wild horses and may announce their plans next week.

WFLF is concerned about the removal of the wild horses from outside of the HMAs.  Government officials have in the past,  mislabeled wild horses as "feral". Feral horses are not given the same protection that wild horses are provided and considering the way that the BLM treats wild horses, we find this is very concerning.

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