Thursday, January 21, 2010

Come Jump on the Bus to the Hill with Us!

Dear Equine Enthusiast,

Just a week ago today, I had the honor of stepping into the position of Western Regional Coordinator for Americans Against Horse Slaughter. I take this position very seriously and aim to do as much as possible toward banning the slaughter of our American horses, both domestic and wild.

Come jump on the bus to the hill with us! I invite all Americans who want to see an end to horse slaughter to subscribe for updates on the all new AAHS California Blog, especially those who reside in the western region of our country... and California, I'm calling on YOU for YOUR support!! 1000's of horses across the country are being rounded up and penned up as they enter the relentless pipeline of despair. Please help spread the word to those you may know in the western region by cross posting and forwarding this.message.

Through WFLF Humanion Films we just launched the new "Come Stand With Us" campaign. The effort is to unite all those that stand against horse slaughter. The mission of Saving America's Horses A Nation Betrayed is to Protect all American Equines from Slaughter. If you have not come on board as a supporter in this mission, please do! It's free, fast and simple, but most importantly it's a crucial way to support this CAUSE. Just send an email including the following information and we will recognize you for YOUR position in the fight to End Horse Slaughter.

To join in this effort, just send an email HERE with the following information. Your name and or organization/ group will be recognized on the official film website as part of this united effort to ban the slaughter of all equines, both wild and domestic.


Website/ Blog:

If you have a banner or logo for your website and would like to have it displayed on the the Recognition pa
ge of the official film website to further show your support for this cause, CLICK HERE.

Link to the all new California AAHS Blog:

Subscribe for updates now!
For the horses and burros~

Katia Louise
Western Regional Coordinator
Americans Against Horse Slaughter

Director/ Producer
Saving America's Horses - A Nation Betrayed
Protection for all Equines From Slaughter

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