Wednesday, May 5, 2010

MO House Rejects Horse Slaughter

May 5, 2010
By Laura Allen
Animal Law Coalition

The pro-horse slaughter provisions from Missouri H.B. 1747, that were sneakily buried in S.B. 795, an unrelated bill, have now been withdrawn from S.B. 795.

The Missouri House of Representatives began debating S.B. 795 yesterday with the pro-horse slaughter provisions in the House Committee Substitute version and continued today to consider a number of amendments. The bill finally passed but without the horse slaughter provisions. The public outcry against the horse slaughter provisions was so intense legislators including the sponsor of the original pro horse slaughter bill, Rep. James Viebrock, decided not to include them in S.B. 795. Legislators received hundreds of letters, faxes and calls just since the weekend when it was discovered the provisions of H.B. 1747 had been buried in S.B. 795.

This means currently there is no bill with a hope of passing in the few remaining days of the Missouri 2010 legislative session that contains the pro-horse slaughter provisions.

Leslie Maxwell, a Missouri attorney who helped lead the fight to stop the horse slaughter bill first as H.B. 1747 and then when it was attached to S.B. 795, said, "H.B. 1747 passed the House the first time because no one really knew about it. Now these same provisions in a different bill, S.B. 795, were stopped because of the incredible public outcry from all over the country and the world."
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