Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Another "Front" for Horse Slaughter

Pro-slaughter interests have once again used a state legislature to advance their agenda to return horse slaughter to the U.S.  

horsesThey have pushed through the Wyoming legislature a new law, H.B. 122, introduced by Wy. State Rep. Sue Wallis who is also the self-styled Executive Director of the United Organizations of the Horse, which is said to unite The United Horsemen's Front, The United Horsemen's Alliance, and The United Horsemen's Political & Legal Action Fund.  "Front" is probably the most appropo name for this collection of horse slaughter supporters. Front for pro-horse slaughter interests.
It's not clear that when Wyoming residents elected Wallis as a state representative, they understood she would act as a shill for pro-slaughter interests.

The new law allows the Wyoming Board of Livestock to "send for slaughter" any abandoned, estray, feral, or abused animals under their control. The Board can already sell these animals at auction so including the phrase "send for slaughter" in the law doesn't add to the Board's current authority.  It just sends the message that horse slaughter is acceptable, even desirable.  

The new law also states that the Board "may enter into agreements with licensed meat processing plants to process meat from livestock disposed of by slaughter.  The processed meat shall be sold to:

Laura Allen is founder and executiveLaura Allen director of Animal Law Coalition, a 501c(4) non-profit that provides animal legal news and resources to attorneys, government officials, teachers, students, animal welfare advocates and the public to encourage them to join the fight against animal cruelty. Animal Law Coalition also drafts and lobbies for legislation and gets involved in litigation to promote animal welfare. Laura has been a trial and appellate attorney for more than 20 years, practicing in several state and federal courts. She is a member of the Bar of the U.S. Supreme Court, several professional associations, and advisor to animal welfare organizations. Ms. Allen has lobbied for the passage of legislation to ban horse slaughter in the United States and has drafted state resolutions to support that effort. Laura Allen is a Co-Founder of the Wild Capture Awareness Campaign, a board member of Wild for Life Foundation, an Executive Advisory Board Member for the WFLF Humanion Films feature documentary film project, "Saving America's Horses, A Nation Betrayed".

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